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Tri Base Pelletized Carbon

Tri Base Pelletized Carbon
Tri Base Pelletized Carbon is for use in all fish tank filters especially the Red Torpedo which has been specifically designed for Tri Carbon.

Activated Tri Base Pelletized Carbon is a fish aquarium filter media that contains three different carbons in each pellet and is used in high technology applications in medical, industrial, environmental, military, laboratory and home aquariums.

Tri Base Pellets Aquarium Carbon

     One of the three types of carbon contained in the Tri Base Carbon is a uniquely structured form of carbon that, if used in conjunction with Right Now Bacteria allows this bacteria to complete the nitrogen cycle aerobically. Our activated aquarium carbon prices are the lowest, lower than all other major pet stores.

Tri Base Pelletized Carbon is shipped fluffy and dry, with no water added for weight. No more cloudy aquarium water. Large pellet size allows it to be used in any kind of filter without clogging plastic screens, or restricting or channeling the water flow. Recommended for reef, and non reef systems & is perfect for sensitive species. Specifically engineered for use with the Red Torpedo.

Important Note: This potent Tri Base Carbon MUST be soaked for 3 days prior to use. Add only ½ LB per 3 days. The correct amount of the carbon is: 0.1667 X tank size = LBS of carbon. For reef tanks the calculations go. 0.333 X Tank size = LBS of carbon.