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Sea Lab Trace Element

1 Single Bloc
Trace Element Bloc 1 Dose Treats 20 gallons

½ lb box
Trace Element Bloc

2 lb box
Trace Element Bloc

1 kilo
Trace Element Bloc
(Treats 1200 gal)


Sea Lab Trace Element Blox

Sea Lab Trace Element     When using Tri Base Pelletized Carbon (TBPC) for your bio media and filtration system, Sea Lab Trace Element Blox will absorb trace elements that you add to your aquarium water. By using the Sea Lab Trace Element Blox the needed trace elements are added to the tank automatically. NO measuring and NO worry that your marine animals are not getting the sufficient trace elements they require.

     Sea Lab Trace Element Blox are compatible with all types of marine mix and natural seawater. They are compatible with all conventional filtering materials such as sand, gravel, activated carbon, bio media, TBPC, polyester fiber materials, and urethane foams.

CAUTION: Some synthetic resin filtering materials may release ammonia back into the system when water chemistry is normalized by water change. If you are using such materials, remove the recharge, or replace them before adding the Trace Element Blox.

Recommended Dosages

Dosage is not critical and the Blox cannot be overdosed. Use 1 nugget for 10 gallons, and 1 blox for 50 gallons until it is dissolved. (If you overdose, the Phosphate is elevated and the algae love it.)

     The blox should be placed under the sand or gravel next to the glass. When the bloc dissolves, simply add another one. This way, the blox will not be worn down by water abrasion.