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Red Torpedo Filters

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Red Torpedo

Red Torpedo

     Some water filtration systems ARE more efficient than others, and we feel that the Red Torpedo is the best fish tank canister filter and easiest to maintain for most large aquariums. Durable, lightweight canister filter tank designed specifically to maximize capacity.

These activated carbon aquarium filter water filters are the best canister aquarium filtration systems available at the most affordable prices. Filter cleaning is simple and quick with large hose size connections to maximize water flow. We have 6 different sizes, all made to filter large amounts of aquarium water.

Fish Tank Canister Filter

     Remember the Red Torpedo is compatible with Tri Base Pelletized Carbon, also you can add Right Now Bacteria to achieve extraordinary aquarium filtration for your fish. The Red Torpedo is designed specifically for the Hiatt TBPC and ph Rock to achieve a 24 hour cycle and aerobic nitrogen (nitrate) and phosphate reduction.

All Red Torpedos take at least 1 week to build in the factory. All Red Torpedos are made to order. See Dimensions

RT#1 holds 7 lbs of TRI BASE CARBON or 15 lbs of pH Rock

RT#2 holds 12 lbs of TRI BASE CARBON or 34 lbs of pH Rock

RT#3 holds 17 lbs of TRI BASE CARBON or 52 lbs of pH Rock

RT#4 holds 40 lbs of TRI BASE CARBON or 120 lbs of pH Rock

RT#5 holds 55 lbs of TRI BASE CARBON or 165 lbs of pH Rock

RT#6 holds 55 lbs of TRI BASE CARBON or 165 lbs of pH Rock (2" Diameter)