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Freshwater Plant Trace Elements

4 fl oz
Aquatic Plant Freshwater

8 fl oz
Aquatic Plant Freshwater

16 fl oz
Aquatic Plant Freshwater

1 gallon
Aquatic Plant Freshwater

Aquatic Plant Trace Element Freshwater

Freshwater Plant Trace Element     Plant Trace Element Freshwater makes your freshwater plants grow. It is a must have for a planted aquarium. Also can be used for a fish-less cycle with the Hiatt system.

     Aquatic plant trace element is safe for all freshwater aquariums and ponds. A positive response to your plants will be seen in less than one week. Contains 21 micron elements needed for plant growth. Will not harm plants, fish or invertebrates when used as directed. No need for expensive C02 systems. Aquatic plant trace element will make your aquarium plants grow faster.