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Non Bleach Bleach

1 Pound

NBB is good for mopping floors, removing stinky odors, it bio-degrades, in 24 hours leaving all floors extra clean. Non Bleach Bleach is capable for cleaning up all sorts of stuff.

Non Bleach Bleach

Non Bleach Bleach
     Hiatt's Non Bleach Bleach is a brand-new non toxic cleaner that is safe and easy to use. This non toxic cleaner is so eco friendly, it bio-degrades in 24 hours and may be used all over the house. One of its many uses is a pet stain remover. This environmentally safe cleaner is a pet odor remover, pet odor eliminator, and pet stain remover.

     Non Bleach Bleach is eco friendly and will neutralize pet odors and neutralize pet urine. All pet urine and feces can be easily sanitized and cleaned up with this excellent eco friendly non toxic cleaner, non bleach bleach. This new non toxic cleaner will bio-degrade in 24 hours. You may use it to sanitize countertops, clean toilets, neutralize stains, neutralize pet odors and neutralize pet urine. You can also add it to your laundry for an extra clean wash, without damaging your clothes as it is safe on fabrics.

     When using on pet stains, this environmentally safe cleaner works quickly and effectively to remove pet stains and sanitize pet urine and pet odors with no perfumes, with no unpleasant odors. Works on carpet, floors, furniture and for clothing stains. Whether its a dog enclosure, a bird or small animal cage or the bathroom, all odors and stains can be removed by using Non Bleach Bleach. This new cleaning product is safe and easy to use and has many uses. It is color safe and will not damage your clothing. This non toxic cleaner works on even the hardest stains such as cranberry juice, red wine and steak blood, even if it has been sitting for days. Non Bleach Bleach has many uses.