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Fresh Water Metal Gone

8 oz Metal Gone Fresh

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Fresh Water Metal Gone

Fresh Water Metal Gone

     Metal Gone Fresh Water has been proven to be a perfect filter additive for aquarium breeders of sensitive species such as Discus, Apistogramma, and Bettas fish. In addition, it is ideal for hatching sensitive reptile and amphibian species such as Dwarf African and Poison Arrow Frogs. Metal Gone will remove up to 5 times the ammonium as white carbon, and drastically reduces nitrites and nitrates from aquarium water. Used by Discus and Hatcheries throughout the world.

     Many people have difficulties maintaining fresh water fish because of metals found in regular drinking water. This heavy metal problem is why many unexplained fish and invertebrate deaths occur. Many people have turned to Metal Gone, an African Mineral to solve this problem. Metal Gone is used by everyone in the aquarium trade to adsorb phosphorus and reduce algae in ponds and aquariums. This heavy metal problem in aquarium and pond water can be addressed using Metal Gone.

Salt Water Metal Gone