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Coral Food

Super Green
Best Coral Food

8 fl oz

Super Green Water Phytoplankton

Super Green Water Phytoplankton

     Hiatt's Super Green Live Water Phytoplankton is a brand NEW product and works great!

Phytoplankton for ALL types of corals and filter feeders.

Finally one product to surpass the competition. Preferred by aquarist's world wide.

The Best Aquarium Coral Food

     Tired of wasting your money for 4 or 5 different coral food supplies?

Why clutter the refrigerator with different bottles when HDL's Super Green Water Phytoplankton supplies the necessary supplements, for excellent coral growth.

Refrigeration will extend SGWP life. We have saved several types of corals which seemed doomed. No unpleasant odor.

Super Green Water Phytoplankton has customers coming back each month to order more. Try it for yourself today, you will be quite impressed with the amazing results.