Aquarium Products for Freshwater & Saltwater fish tanks


4 Fluid oz Chloradsorb

16 Fluid oz Chloradsorb

1 Gallon Dry Chloradsorb
(Treats 7,680 gallons)

5 Gallon Dry Chloradsorb
(Treats 38,400 gallons)


Chloradsorb     Even the best equipped fish tank will decline without proper aquarium maintenance. Maintaining water quality is the single most important thing the hobbyist can do to preserve a healthy, thriving, beautiful aquarium environment. Ammonia is extremely toxic in your tank, and should be deleted immediately.

     Ammonia is caused by bacterial breakdown of organic materials such as uneaten food, wastes, and dying algae. If your test kit detects even the slightest amount of ammonia, no problem, our product will remove it. Chloradsorb improves ability of fish to secrete a protective skin coating.

     May be used while fish or invertebrates are present in the aquarium or pond. Our customers say after using Chloradsorb, Reverse Osmosis is NOT required, and enhanced coralline algae growth is quite noticeable