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Aquarium Sparkling Aqua

Aquarium Sparkling Aqua
     Aquarium Sparkling Aqua removes TSS, TDS and phosphate. Proper Phosphate level in natural seawater is 0. You should test for Phosphate. If your test kit shows any phosphate at all, you have too much. If your phosphate levels are rising, you need to change the water more frequently. Avoid using tap water in your freshwater fish tank because it usually contains large amounts of phosphate (use purified tap water instead).

Salt and Freshwater Phosphate Reducer

     Aquarium Sparkling Aqua is a leisurely process so it will not shock your fish. You should change your marine fish water every two weeks, even when you don't use Aquarium Sparkling Aqua. Regular fish water changes of 25% or more are necessary for a healthy tank. For the best results use with Hiatt's Tri Base Carbon, Chloradsorb, and Right Now Bacteria.

Aquarium Sparkling Aqua